Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wild Turkeys and Wild Indians

Life has been full of wild turkeys and Indians in these here parts. :-)  
We have had several encounters with real wild turkeys in our yard!  It's so cool to have wild life roaming around!

 And of course we always have wild Indians!!!   Karis decided to get her war paint on for battle and used up almost all of my lipsticks. 

Here the boys are excavating their chocolate chips after a great lesson about mineral, rocks, and fossils in our science home school book.

I've been busy too.  See that island that the boys are sitting at.  I made that!!  I found the buffet on Craiglist, painted it, put new hardware and bead board and trim, and made a butcher block top out of maple.  Now we have a bar/island/butcher block!

Life is exciting here whether it be new projects, wild turkeys, or adventures with our little wild Indians!!!

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